Bongo Java Coffee

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| Cindy

This is the smoothest coffee I’ve ever had. My son will only drink coffee if it has lots of creamer and sweetener, but he will drink this black. It is that rich and smooth. I highly recommend this coffee.

| John Cates

After being devoted to Geilva coffee for years, when we found this LFD Boubon infused coffee, we have a new favorite, the aroma and taste is the Best we have ever enjoyed!

| Cindy Evans

I got Bongo Coffee beans for Christmas (thanks Lauren!). I had no idea what to expect from coffee beans aged in a whiskey barrel, but oh my, what a delight! The description on the bag is "smooth and slightly sweet." All true & more. I have only tried it with regular cream but I expect one could enjoy it sans cream just as well. Love it! And will be ordering more.

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